Last week Christies Care’s head of recruitment Dan Curtis made a whirlwind recruiting trip to South Africa. 

Dan was interviewing prospective new recruitment agents, first in Joburg before travelling to Cape Town. He was also promoting the benefits of becoming a live-in carer in the UK with Christies.

Here’s what Dan had to say about his flying visit:

“Such a long way to go for four days, but well worth it. Joburg was limited to two days of interviewing in the hotel that I stayed in, so didn’t really get to see much. However, it was a successful couple of days so watch this space for new agents joining the team soon.

Having left Joburg to fly down to Cape Town, I was looking forward to getting out and about in the lovely weather that I had been seeing from the window in Joburg. However, upon arrival in CPT, it was raining which persisted for the next 24hrs.

Whilst the locals were delighted at the arrival of some much needed moisture, I couldn’t quite believe my luck. The weather was that bad, that I didn’t even see Table Mountain for the whole of the first day and was beginning to wonder if it was all a big hoax.

My first day in Cape Town (in the rain) was spent with Piper James, one of our existing carers – and a member of the Mighty Men – who will be joining our recruitment team in South Africa. James took me to meet Princess Revell and Chief Julian Revell from the Katz Korana Royal House of the Khoisan. After a lovely coffee with the Princess and Chief, we headed over to Cape Pulpit radio where I recorded an interview to spread the word about Christies, followed by a meeting with the station manager of another radio station CCFM.

After a very restful sleep, I spent the Friday with our existing SA agent Pam who took me up Table Mountain (turns out that it does exist). She showed me the sights of the wonderful city that Cape Town is, before kindly dropping me back at the airport for my long flight home.

I definitely plan to get back out there at some point, just hopefully for longer than four days next time.”

Dan and Christies Carer James McGowan visited Cape Pulpit radio to answer questions about working in the UK as a Live-in carer, visa requirements, training offered and what makes a good carer. Click below to hear their interview.


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