“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

Carer Training

Training to be a live-in home carer

To be a good carer, you need to be well trained. We take training very seriously at Christies Care. We invest upwards of £250,000 a year into training carers. We have our own in-house, award-winning training team, who take every potential carer through a two week residential induction course and through a two-day update every year after that.

Training doesn’t stop there. We have in-depth courses to train carers to be able to care for clients with specific conditions. So if a carer shows an aptitude to work for clients with dementia, they’ll go on our 2 day residential and 10 unit distance-learning dementia course.

Need help or advice from someone who knows what they are talking about? Ask the training team. Carers do all the time. So do our clients.

The trainers welcome it; having contact with real-world situations improves the training they give. The trainers are qualified to give advice on most aspects of care and know who else to recommend if they can’t help.

The most important part of training is that the carers are always taught to "put yourself in your client's shoes."

Christies Care's Induction and Update training have both been accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office.

This means that when we say our training is great, independent experts have verified this statement.

And the independent experts audit us, so standards have to be kept high.

Princess Royal Training Award 2017

The Princess Royal Training Awards honours employers in the UK who have created outstanding training and skills development programmes which have resulted in exceptional commercial benefits.

The Princess Royal Training Awards recognise the achievement of a standard of excellence rather than selecting overall winners.

The awards are supported by the City & Guilds Group President, HRH The Princess Royal, who is an active advocate for skills development.

Princess Royal Training Award 2017
We invest upwards of £250,000 a year into training carers.

Award-winning 2 week Induction Training

Our Induction training is something that makes us stand out from the rest of the care providers in the UK. Our training team are award-winning, we are accredited with the CPD and we invest upwards of £250,000 a year in our training programme. When you have successfully passed your telephone interview we will invite you to attend our free, 2 week residential training course.

It is important to our clients that we are able to introduce well-trained carers to them, so all of our carers must go through the training and pass all of the tests. The induction training is designed to give everyone a basic understanding of care and help you feel confident in your first few jobs. Every member of office staff has also been through the training, so we know what it feels like first hand.

“I've said before the training is excellent. I've trained and worked with various care agencies and Christies Care offer a far broader approach to training and support which probably isn't fully appreciated until it’s unavailable.”

Stephen Cotter, Christies Carer

“We train carers to ask themselves:

“What would I want if I were in my client’s place?””

Freddy Gathorne-Hardy, Managing Director of Christies Care

All carers also come back every year for a 2-day update to their training. This is just as important to keep your skills and knowledge refreshed and up to date. You will be expected to pass some more tests in order to carry on working to your full capacity. During your update we will also talk to you about how things are going, make sure everything is going well and you are happy.

Of course we don’t expect you to go all year without any contact. As well as your carer support team the training team are available if you have questions or concerns and they will happily take your call or call you back. We also run a range of condition specific training courses throughout the year, allowing you to gain deeper knowledge in some of the conditions that your clients may have.

What does our induction training cover?

  • Payments, National insurance, taxes, self-assessment.

  • How Christies Care operates

  • Medication including practical & theory assessments

  • Safeguarding including theory assessment

  • Health & Safety

  • End of life care

  • Safer People Moving & Handling including practical & theory assessments

  • Bed Bath & Dressing