“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support.”

Why be a live-in carer with Christies Care?

Good carers are introduced to all the clients they need, which is why we have so many carers who have been with us for 5,6,7, or even 12 years. And newly trained carers also get the clients they need. We have a specific member of staff whose job is to introduce carers who have just finished training to suitable clients.

Caring for somebody is a great responsibility and can also be stressful and lonely. This is why we have our carer support team who are there to give you information, advice and even just be there for a chat if you need it.

As a carer, you will encounter many new circumstances. Your client may need a hoist to get up; may need their carer to change their catheter bag; may take 20 different types of medication, each at a particular time and dose every day.

We train all carers how to manage these and many other similar tasks, safely. Potential carers go through our intensive two week residential training course, and complete ongoing distance learning modules. This way, you know you have the skills to look after your clients properly.

We also provide more in-depth condition-specific training, so if your clients have dementia, you will be expected to come on our 2 day residential dementia training course.

Christies Care is big enough to offer a wide range of clients to carers, so that carers can find the clients whom they like and can work well with. It is big enough to let carers work the weeks they want – so that they can fit their caring life around their own personal life.

If anything goes wrong, or there is ever an emergency, we have someone on-call all the time. There is always someone you can turn to for advice or information.

A minimum of £6,000 (approximately 108,500 ZAR) in your first 14 weeks. Terms and conditions apply.

As a carer, you will want to know about your client’s condition, what care work you will be asked to do and what the living conditions are like. So Christies Care’s Local Area Advisors visit and fully assess our clients, identify any risks that might be evident and evaluate the working conditions. Once a client has started, we do a full re-assessment whenever necessary and if you feel that you could do with a face-to-face chat with someone, our local advisor will come and visit you.

If, through no fault of your own, your work is cancelled (say your client goes to hospital, or passes away), we will offer you free accommodation here in our guesthouse. And if there are weeks when you don’t want to work, you can stay in our subsidised guesthouse.

Carers can be covered by our accident insurance scheme, which is much cheaper than buying separate insurance.

Are you coming to the UK in winter and planning to work through the summer? We provide free luggage storage for your winter clothes, or anything else (subject to availability of space. Terms and conditions apply), while you are working with us.

To keep you up to date, to share ideas and stories about your caring lives, we have a carers website and newsletter. This may carry a story from a carer, telling how she has taken her client on holiday, or it may contain important information about how to avoid a scam.

For more information contact our recruitment team


+44 1728 605060

Ongoing Support

We have trained you to be a competent carer. We have introduced you to a client who has engaged you as a live-in carer. We know that being a live-in carer can be stressful. You have a lot of responsibility. For example, if your client is suddenly taken ill, it is always going to be up to you to call the ambulance, liaise with the paramedics and the NHS and you will most likely be in an unfamiliar part of the UK.

The Carer Support team is there to make things easier for you. You will be given two members of the team who are on hand to give you support and advice when you want it. Most of the team work from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday; but if you have an emergency, we always have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your team is there for you to ring them. If you need advice, they will do their best to give you the right answer.

You may want to know which train to catch to get from a client in Manchester, to a client in Sevenoaks – they’ll tell you. You may want some advice on how best to care for a client with dementia – they’ll either give you the advice you need themselves or, if your query is more complex, they’ll put you through to the right part of the training team.

You may want to know what you should do about a particular medication – they’ll either advise you there and then or find out the answer or tell you who to talk to. You may just want a chat, so give them a ring: they are always happy to talk to you.

In short, the Carer Support team is there to give you help and advice. They are in no way monitoring or supervising you, as you are a carer who is engaged by your client to carry out your client’s wishes – and we do not interfere with this at all.

"The Blue Team have always been good. They always manage to resolve my problems and give good advice when it is needed.”

Kerry MacFadyen, Christies Carer

"Thanks to the Yellow Team for the birthday wishes and the amazing support you always provide. Bless you all."

Gertrude Alori, Christies Carer
“The Green Team are perfect! I always get really good support!”
Joanna Nosek, Christies Carer
"Originally, I heard about Christies from someone else. They gave me a bit of info which made me curious. I have since heard about other care companies, but they do not appear to give the support I get from Christies.

Blue team, my team, are great! I can talk to them on my bad days and they are so supportive. There I go, praising one part of Christies but I have to say, everyone is great!"

Christies Carer, Diane Hancox
"Just wanted to say thank you for your support and constant checking up on me when I was ill. You made me feel like a valued member of the team and for that I will forever be grateful.

Keep up the good work and God Bless you all. Go Green Team!"

Carer, P. Westobie
"Green Team are perfect! I always get really good support!"
Christies Carer
"The Yellow Support team are always on the other side of the phone when I call. You're doing a great job!"
Christies Carer
"I love the team. They are really fantastic and I know I can them all for anything."
Carer, Jolanta H.
"I'm Extremely happy. I can’t say enough about how supportive they are.

My team give me all the support, guidance and advice I need."

Christies Carer, Linda
"Thanks to the Yellow team for the birthday wishes and the amazing support you always provide. Bless you all."
Christies Carer
"The Blue Team have always been good. This year they have been really good! They always manage to resolve problems and give good advice when it is needed."
Carer feedback
"I would like to thank my Blue Support Team as well as all the Trainers at Christies, for always being very helpful and supportive to me."
Carer Feedback
"I want to emphasize how moved I was by the fantastic support I have received from the Blue support team.

I honestly cannot thank Christies enough for the kindness shown to me through phone calls and one-to-one meetings."

Letter from a carer
"I would just like to say THANKS to my Yellow team for supporting me through a hard booking and afterwards.

My client, who I knew well, died and and it was much easier to cope with the situation knowing the team are with me and are so caring."

Letter from a Christies Carer
"A HUGE thank you for the beautiful box of chocolates that arrived today ... a lovely early birthday present.

It's my pleasure to work for such a professional, dependable, welcoming company. It's one of the only times in my life I've truly been able to say: "I love my job"!

A massive thanks for all the support you provide and hard work you put in."

Letter from a carer
"I enjoyed my time with Christies, and am convinced it’s the best care company in the UK!

Many thanks to the training team, booking team, and much praise to Kathryn for quietly doing a most excellent job with patience and kindness.”

Letter from a carer
"Christies Care is one of the best agencies out there. They provide training and many opportunities to complete courses and expand one’s knowledge. There is good support, the office staff seems to be better at listening and respecting carers.

They are interested in what is going on and always call back with advice should there be a problem. There is always enough work for good carers."

Letter from a carer
"I’ve always had work when I've wanted it, my team is fine, the booking coordinators are really nice and the clients have all been fine too.

I only have positive things to say about Christies Care."

Feedback from a carer
"A HUGE thank you to everyone at Christies. Being an Australian backpacker, I knew it would be difficult for me to set up a bank account and NI number and all of that other stuff but thanks to you guys (basically doing it all for me) it was so easy.

Also, travelling around Europe, I'm never stressed because I know when I go back to England your team always do their best to find me work. So my life-changing backpacking experience has been made 100 times more enjoyable and less stressful, thanks to Christies Care!”

Carer, Kirsty Starling
"Very happy with everything to do with bookings. I love the support, absolutely love it!

I'm very happy that I have joined Christies Care. I've spoken with carers who work for other agencies and know that they don’t receive the same support.

The training is so fantastic. I found it difficult the first time as I'd only worked in an office, but I re-did the second week and passed. I wouldn’t think about changing agencies, and I always recommend Christies Care."

Christies Carer, Denise Durrant Davis
"Happy with Christies Care, it's all great. It’s the most efficient company I have worked for. Good training provided and good support to carers. There is always someone available on the other end of the phone. The admin and back up is superb.

In my opinion Christies Care is the nicest company I have ever worked for!"

Feedback from a Christies Carer
"Christies Care works well for me and I know the carers and the staff do a great job for their clients.

I have seen first hand how bad things can be with pop in agencies where the staff aren’t trained or supported properly. I’m so proud to be a part of Christies."

Carer feedback
"Someone always answers the phone or email. Very good level of training & support.

I get enough work and I've already recommended Christies Care to my friend!"

Support feedback from carer
"I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support"
Feedback from carer, Catharina T.
"Christies Care are the most organised company I have ever worked with. Honestly, I feel you are the best!"
Carer Feedback
"Sophie conducted a brilliant interview. She listened well and provided all the information I needed. I was instantly convinced Christies Care was the best agency for me. The Recruitment Department as a whole are very impressive and really know their stuff.

The Training is the best I have ever seen. I have never seen such professionalism, hard work and compassion shown by a company before. I can't wait to start my training!"

Christies Carer, Dawn
"Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for always being there at the end of the phone when I need you.

No other agency that I have worked for has ever been as good at support as Christies."

A Carer on successful completion of Alzheimer's training
"Staff received appropriate professional development. We spoke with 8 care workers who told us that they felt they were provided with the training that they needed to meet people's needs. One care worker said: 'Good training. Absolutely prepared me. I enjoyed it'."
From CQC Inspection Report
"I feel well supported by the staff at Christies Care and have noticed over the last 5 years that the company and the support I've received are getting even be